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Merchant Space


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This Package Includes:

-2 8 Foot Tables and chairs. Can be used to sell products and items {Can be provided upon request} ($200 Value)
-3 Vendor Passes($60 Value)
-8 square feet of working space
-Product promotion ahead of event
-Receive sticker pack
-Group photo
- Host & DJ mentions throughout the event
- Ability to promote product in Raffle and/or Giveaways
You may bring your own equipment and set up.


-テーブル(60cm x 243cm)とイス複数台 {要望があり次第} 商品の展示や販売に使用できます。(200ドル価値有)
- イベントで終始開催者とDJにより感謝が述べられます。
- 抽選会やプレゼント会で宣伝活動をするチャンス。